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The Institute for Neural Computation (INC) is an organized research unit of the University of California at San Diego with 44 members representing 14 research disciplines, devoted to the research and development of a new generation of massively parallel computers through a coherent and cohesive plan of research spanning the areas of neuroscience, visual science, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, mathematics, economics and social science, and computer engineering. View the affiliated faculty list here ...

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World News With Diane Sawyer takes a look at technology developed by scientists at INC's Machine Perception Laboratory

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2014 NIMH Training Program in Cognitive Neurosciences

The INC supports training programs for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in Cognitive Neuroscience (NIMH). The Center converges neurobiological, cognitive science, computational and engineering resources for understanding the relationship between the mind and the brain. The Center develops new models of brain dynamics, new signal processing techniques based on these models, and the experimental methods to test them. One goal is to study brain activity that supports social interactions.

Computational Neuroscience Ph.D. training program

The Computational Neuroscience specialization is a new facet of the broader Neuroscience graduate program at UCSD . The goal of the specialization is to train the next generation of neuroscientists with the broad range of computational and analytical skills that are essential to understand the organization and function of complex neural systems.


(09/01/2014) Postdoc position in Systems Neuroscience
Postdoctoral position in systems neuroscience, for experiments leading to the neuromorphic engineering of cognitive abilities.

(06/21/2014) NEURON 2014 Summer Course
NEURON Fundamentals & Parallel Simulation with NEURON

(06/19/2014) INC Chalk Talk Series
Mark McDonnell:
Impact of Stochastic Vesicle Variability on Spiking in the Peripheral Auditory System

(06/04/2014) CBAM Symposium: Sensor Technologies for the Nervous System

(May 10, 17, 31, 2014) Convergence Music Symposium:
A Multidisciplinary Dialogue on Music

(05/10/2014) Cognitive Neuroscience Retreat & Ninth Annual KIBM Symposium on Innovative Research

(04/14/2014) Rockwood Memorial Lecture
Dr. Bruce McNaughton: Doughnuts in the Brain: A Toroidal Attractor Theory of the Cognitive Map
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INC in the News

(04/25/2014) World News With Diane Sawyer takes a look at technology developed by scientists at INC's Machine Perception Laboratory

(04/20/2014) Salk Researchers' Work Explains How Brain Selects Memories

(03/13/2014) UC San Diego Start-Up Emotient Shows the Face of New Technology

(01/20/2014) INC research lab (MPLAB) interviewed by

(10/20/2013) INC research (MPLAB) acknowledged by

(10/10/2013) Taking A Mindful Approach to the BRAIN Initiative

(10-01-2013) INC researcher, John Iversen, is elected to SMPC's board

(09-22-2013) Hot on the trail of Parkinson's

(09-17-2013) INC Co-Director selected by the NSF to take part in a five-year, multi-institutional, $10 million research project

(08-05-2013) Accelerating Brain Research with Supercomputers (video)

(07-17-2013) SCCN researchers receive the "Best Paper Award" at EMBC'2013

(06-17-2013) SCCN researcher awarded the International BCI (Brain-Computer Interface 2013) Meeting's Poster Prize for Technical Merit.

(05-16-2013) UC San Diego Creates Center for Brain Activity Mapping (CBAM)

(04-25-2013) UC San Diego's "Simphony" Research Earns Grammy Foundation Support

(04-07-2013) Neuroscientist Terry Sejnowksi attends White House announcement collaborative BRAIN Initiative

INC/SCCN Open House Video

INC/SCCN Open House Hi-Lite Reel

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Faculty Spotlight

Marian Bartlett, Ph.D.
San Diego Union Tribune interviews Marian Bartlett, co-director of INC's MPLab.

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Staff Spotlight

Gabriela Cruz., INC's SCCN Lab has a new Researcher.

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